Sat Nam Rasayan means, in Sanskrit, "deep abandonment in the true essence". It is a healing system whose only instrument is the meditative mind. By ceasing to identify with the ego (forms, concepts and distance), the mind falls silent. Then the entire universe happens in us and we in everything.

This space is described as an undifferentiated state of consciousness, where the universe is embedded in one's silent sense of self, and where the observer is empty (no self-referential, no self-image). Says Yogi Bhajan, “In Shunia, you are you; you are everything and you are nothing, at the same time”. "The more silence you have, the more you relate to reality." “The less I resist you, the more I know about you, and I leave space for you to be you”.

In SNR, the event of the relationship happens as an experience of the observer, which vibrates in his organs, chakras and meridians. A novel, intuitive and direct knowledge of the event opens up, beyond what is preconceived. In such a space, by allowing resistance, the event becomes.

Although SNR is considered a healing system, in a broader sense it is a way of relating and, more specifically, a way of projecting prana into the relationship..