What is heal?


By healing we mean a positive impact on the relationship. A kiss, a word of thanks, a gift... are healings. So is a thought without prejudice, an attitude of listening and respect, or the total acceptance of something. This is Sat Nam Rasayan. This teaching gives a great ability to relate to oneself, to understand the mind, to go beyond the framework of the ego, anguish and worry.


Healing can occur specifically with a client, but also in an everyday conversation or professional meeting. In reality, what it is about is creating an impactful relationship and projecting prana. Guru Dev says that one's own presence should transform the environment and those around you. 

There are not many who have the SNR as a way of life. This requires a vocation and specific qualities. Most students will use it for meditation, to develop their sensitivity and intuition, and as a way to truly and intensely experience the relationship. Many of them apply it in their yoga classes, or are university professors, musicians or writers, office workers, actors, therapists, who use it to carry out their profession in a more attentive and effective way. 


What Sat Nam Rasayan is NOT is a medical system. Nothing that is done in SNR is studied in the medical degree and nothing that is studied in it is done in SNR. We do not intend to diagnose diseases, nor to put or remove medical-surgical treatments. We are not therapists. We do not focus on curing the disease. We only want the person to feel better. In addition, animals, plants, houses, situations, country conflicts are also healed... Healing with Sat Nam


Rasayan is comparable to a good wish, to a loving feeling, but formulated in a particularly stable and intense way.