Re man English



For several years, Gurudev Singh has led this meditation, which consists of chanting the Re Man mantra eleven thousand times. It lasts for a week. During these days, the mantra plays on a treadmill and the participants choose how much and when to meditate. The ReMan opens your mind and heart and has profound effects. Conflicts will visit you first, and then angels will appear. Your aura will turn gold.

Mantra RE MAN


Re man eh  bidh jog kamaa-o
Singhi saach akapat kanthalaa
dhi-aan-bibhuut charaa-o
Taatii gho aatam bas kar kii
bhichhaa naam adhaarang
Baaje param taar-tat-har
ko- (u)p(a)-je raagrasaarang
Ughte taan tarang rang
at gi-aan giit bandhaanang
Chak chakrehe dev daanav mun
chhak chhak biom bivaanang
Aatam upades bhis sanjam ko
jaap so-(a)japaa jaape
Sadaa rehe kanchan sii kaiaa
kaal na kab(a)hu(n) biaape