Guru Dev Singh




In 1989, Guru Dev Singh opened the first Sat Nam Rasayan course in Rome, a pioneer of the current ones. He faced the challenge of putting his experience into words and devising a method that would allow others to catch up. The "heroic Italian students" of that time had a hard time understanding Sat Nam Rasayan and only intuition sustained them. From Italy, the school jumped to Germany, Spain, England... the official headquarters was established in Amsterdam.

In 1992, Yogi Bhajan appointed Gurudev Singh as living teacher of SNR and passed on the teaching legacy to him.

Year after year, course by course, First and Second Level teaching took its definitive form. The way of teaching SNR has been changing, but not the meditative space, which is still the original that Guru Dev learned.


Guru Dev Singh passed away in April 2021. He was a teacher and healer of great international weight. On his shoulders rested the responsibility of upholding the Sat Nam Rasayan lineage and strengthening the school. It is through this that Guru Dev taught, he had no personal students. He said that all his components are under the same mental constellation, and that sometimes there are students who are ahead of what he is going to teach that day. We all learned from him and also from our colleagues. And, of course, each healing performed is a teaching.